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1:1 Individual Counseling

Are you ready to Transform Your Health?

Dietitian Houston

Do you… 

→ Crave sugar, caffeine, or wish you had more energy throughout the day?

→ Feel bloated or occasional nausea after eating?

→ Wonder about the optimal foods, supplements, and exercises that are right for your body? 

→ Want a personalized plan for your mental health and find your joy again?

Knowing where to turn for help can be overwhelming. I use my combined expertise as a dietitian and researcher to help you create attainable goals along with meaningful accountability.

Scientific evidence shows us three key ways the food we eat affects our mental health:

1) nutrient deficiencies,

2) the health of our microbiome

3) oxidative stress. 

Establishing a solid nutrition foundation is key to improving brain health, mental health, and well-being.

We will look deeply into your health patterns, sleep habits, how you handle stress, and any coping mechanisms you have developed. We will unravel the unique picture of your life, so you have a personalized approach to health and healing. You will learn how to optimize your gut health, hormone levels, stress, and energy.


 I will help you to set achievable and measurable goals. As a result, you will feel confident in your food choices, stop the guilt forever, and heal your body from the inside out. 

I will provide you with simple-to-follow protocols, supplements, and delicious recipes that are customized for your busy lifestyle. I will also recommend restorative practices such as yoga, stretching, and meditation to complement your nutrition protocol.

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Initial Visit 

4 follow-up visits

Food-Mood tracking and analysis 

Customized meal plan

Weekly guided meditation sessions

Email support between sessions

*Ask about insurance coverage


Initial Visit 

6 follow-up visits

Food-Mood tracking and analysis 

2-week meal plan

Weekly guided meditation sessions

Email support between sessions

*ask about insurance coverage

Are you ready for a transformation?

Image by Jez Timms

How It Works

→ Schedule an initial consultation appointment. If you would like to try one session first, you can book the Jump Start + Follow up. If you are ready to work on your health for the longer term, look at the packages which include multiple sessions. These will provide you with a discount for repeat sessions. 

→ Contact me with any questions. Before scheduling, I am available to answer any questions via my website; use the 'Contact Me' buttons to do so. I accept most major insurance as well as HSA/FSA. 


→ Complete Intake Form. Prior to the initial consultation, I will send you an intake form to complete, so I can gain a more comprehensive picture of your current nutrition intake, evaluate recent nutrition-related lab tests, identify your nutrition priorities, and plan our session(s). 

→ Your consultation appointment! During our initial meeting, I will inquire about areas that require additional attention and time and assist you in establishing your major goals for our sessions. I will typically recommend a follow-up session in two weeks, so you have time to try out your new routine, new recipes, and supplements you may be taking.

You will leave our session with the next steps in hand. 

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